Remember the good

This entry is inspired by the four-day seminar I attended this week. My first experience attending an event of this magnitude and I learned so many concepts about love, light, life, positivity, music, and faith. I met wonderful people, some old faces and new, whose lives are burdened but keep moving ahead and with a smile plastered on their faces. The lesson that resonated the most in my mind was: “Smile and be kind to everyone: because all that is simple & good, all that is pure & true..paints a picture of you” aka you the individual.

For whatever reason in our lives, we come to a point where things, situations, relationships, jobs, friends, education, goals don’t work out. Where we try and we fail. Where we are humiliated and forced to bear it with silent dignity. Where people around will constantly try to enter your mind with negative comments that pierce your heart like a million little needles. When we feel the need to run away and hide.

Nevertheless, I say. Remember the good and forget the bad. This can be hard, excruciatingly hard but not impossible. Nothing is impossible. We as humans must focus on moments in our lives when there was immense love. Embed the best moments in your mind, write the memories down, take pictures, enjoy the thrill of the outdoors, learn a new hobby, talk to someone, write, blog, paint, sing, dance and most importantly keep the people in your life who have supported you and have loved you regardless. Remember that certain people will not hurt or judge you when you are at the bottom of life’s mountain. This is the only way to turn any event into a positive light by transcending and remembering the good. Never forget to have passion, do what you love and you will find happiness. If you do not have a passion, find it and you will find so much love. This love will overflow within your heart like the free-floating, beautiful balloons in the sky.

Remember that it’s so easy to forget the good, to dwell on the insults, the anger, and the hate but do not. The mind is very powerful and if you can’t repeat positive words to yourself, ensure the wonderful memories you experienced are locked away for a day when the sun does not shine at its brightest in your life. Even in pain, try to will yourself to remember the people, the moments and the events that have helped nourish you. Remember the good, the good which is always present within you.

Much Love x Be Strong x Be Different

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