The food markets of london

More than words at times, pictures can tell a tale that inspires the soul. In this case however the yummy was inspired to eat ravenous portions of delectable treats.

We decided to visit the borough market in London and we were impressed with the selection of food available. The price was decent but in my opinion, overpriced in terms of other less popular markets. The tasting samples were the highlight and at one point I even witnessed a kid consistently sample enormous chocolate chip cookies. The iced teas should be avoided and perhaps when you are here you should opt for something new and a food item that you would not dare to munch on. The thrill here is the aspect of trying new products and talking to local sellers. The flaxseed cookies tasting was spectacular and I never expected this form of deliciousness.


Basically, we sampled the cheese grills, mustard tasting samples, fresh chocolate bricks, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, macarons, sausage selections, peaches, scallops, Thai noodles, quail eggs, doughnuts, paella and a myriad of dish samples that seduce the palate.  So in conclusion, the scallops were not that great but the bakery products were exceptional. The fruits and vegetables sold by the local vendors were delicious and organic. I would recommend getting there early because borough market can get pretty crowded especially during the weekend.


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