You finally guessed my favorite, Hot chocolate!

Some days you get up and you already know that things aren’t going to go well. Signs! They’re the type of days when you should just give in, put your pajamas back on, make some hot chocolate and stay in bed with the covers up until the world looks more encouraging. Of course, they never let you do that.

To me, discovering the perfect mug of hot chocolate is a never-ending crusade. This warmed chocolate in a mug can melt away any semblance of willpower, provide a little but much-needed perspective and help you see that life is sweet. The best hot chocolate has a sweetness that floods your tongue with cream, sugar, spices, and chocolate finer than anything you ever tasted. I am not a chocolate snob and I prefer mine with lots of milk, not a hint of bitter after taste and always smooth like velvet.

No matter how old I am, I think chocolat chaud will always have the ability to take me back to special times, by consuming this beverage. I remember travels with friends to discover if the breakfast buffet provided this sinful drinking cocoa, sipping this molten drink with extra shaved chocolate with my love & my mother’s homemade recipe always topped with swirls of whipped cream, subtly spiced with cinnamon or laced with marshmallows, a hot chocolate is one of the world’s best-loved drinks.

But there’s always time for hot chocolate, made with milk and grated nutmeg, vanilla, chili, brown sugar, cardamom, or just the classic only chocolate option. It tastes rich and just slightly bitter on the back of the tongue, like caramel as it begins to turn. I know that you can add chili as it gives it a touch of heat- never too much, just a taste. But I am yet to affirm this, or probably may be averse to tasting it.

You know that feeling when you’ve had way, way, WAY too much sugar or chocolate. I would rather twig together a little nest in any gorgeous hot chocolate store all day and night long. I do realize my strange uncontrollable magnetism towards hot chocolate may be considered a weakness but I do not have sweet tooth, so I should be fine. I wouldn’t give up on my quest for delicious hot chocolate for any other dessert in the WORLD.

To regain some semblance of sanity in life, I’m reprioritizing & asking for recommendations for your best hot chocolate picks. Awaiting with an abated chocolate breath.

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