About Me

My chronicles include being born & raised in Dubai. Following which I moved to Boston, Providence & London for life endeavors. I have genealogy tracing back from Goa & Portugal. I consider myself a wonderful nomad.

I love education, training & development and this is evident on my LinkedIn page and my highest degree is Master of Science. My true passion is embedded in all things creative.

In high school, I was driven to pursue journalism & writing. I love art, cooking, social media, photography, dancing, karaoke, swimming, water sports, reading, French, art, hiking, camping, travel, reading and writing. In addition my overall nature is positive & I enjoy the quirky eccentricities like has to offer. Most of the time, all you need for a good time is good company or let’s be alone together.

I love my husband, he is my muse. I love my mom and dad but I am the black sheep of the family and it’s hard for them to love trouble. I believe we are all shades of grey, as opposed to black and white definitions.
When the petulant days arise there will be the occasional rant and attempt to find the so-called raison d’ etre. But generally I believe in karma & believe it is important to laugh at whatever experience you have encountered.

Finally why did I opt for discovering Lisa as a website name, because we all as people and myself have the capacity to combine contradictory features or qualities. I also consider myself a work in progress.
Life is too short to be mediocre. So do what your beating heart wants. Listen to your instinct and be happy, perpetually

Much love

Lisa x

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